Monday, April 12, 2010

Latest coffee roast

I've recently been drinking a new variety, Colombia Gaitania "Los Pijaos de Tolima". I roasted it in the popcorn popper to a Full City roast. It took several cups to get my taste buds used to it. I've had other Colombians that I really liked so I figured why not give this one a try. It wasn't bad, the taste was pretty decent but I don't think I'd order it again. I have a Kenya Nyeri AA Kiamabara that I'm going to roast today. The African varieties have been my favorites, I hope this one can be added to my list.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ring Bologna - locally made

I haven't been updating this blog with new coffee info because I can't seem to switch varieties. I really like the Ethiopian and Kenyan varieties that I've already blogged about. Switching from coffee for a bit, I wanted to mention something that I picked up recently. It's a locally made ring bologna from the Taylor Meat Company. I've always wanted to visit them, Taylor is only 15 miles from where I live. They are open until 5:30 during the week, Saturdays they close at 12:30. I could never make it over there on Saturday before they closed. Last week I happened to be running an errand that would take me straight through Taylor, I just had to stop. I've had their hotdogs and loved them, HEB used to carry them but not anymore. I wanted to try the ring bologna and their fresh beef sausage. I picked up 2 pounds of hotdogs, a pound of sausage, and a package of ring bologna. We had the hotdogs for dinner that night. Today I cut into the bologna and had it with the traditional saltine cracker and hot sauce. It was so good, I could have easily eaten half of the ring but didn't.

Dr. Who returns!!!

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