Monday, June 28, 2010

Latest coffee roast

Lately I have been roasting a "Kenya Nyeri AA Kiamabara" variety and have been enjoying it. This weekend I roasted a "Kenya Kirinyaga Karani Peaberry" and it's really good. Both are a wet processed bean and both were roasted to a full city roast. I'm still using the vintage Poppery hot air popcorn popper. I find that just using 2/3 cup is the best amount to roast, and that I need to let the popper cool down completely before roasting more. I think I have the roasting process down now, for the roast I like, which is the lighter full city. It's kind of a look, listen, smell kind of process. I stop the roast at around 455 degrees, just as it starts smoking a little. Then dump it into the cooler. It's best to let it air-out for 24 hours, but it's best to let it air-out for 2 days.

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