Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today's image of the Sun

I used to do this with my Son when he was young. The object was to track Sun spots over time. I would set up the telescope and project the image of the Sun on a piece of white cardboard, much like the suggested way to view an eclipse. You should never look directly at the Sun much less through a telescope, unless you have the proper filters.
Dylan would then look at the image and draw, in a notebook, a circle and trace the Sun spots. He's older and doesn't have any interest in tracking Sun spots so I decided I would try using my digital camera. The results came out pretty good. I wanted to do this because of news articles I've read about there not being any Sun spots and that this could mean the Earth is cooling instead of warming. The thing I like about this project is that anyone can do this in their own backyard and see for themselves, there are no Sun spots.


  1. Might as well get used to not having the little one to do things with anymore. I guess you have. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. Hello Pugmonk. Don't go moony over the sun now.


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